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  Gustavo Banegas 0d3e06425a corrected the parameters 3 weeks ago
  Gustavo Banegas 949cb60cb2 corrected the parameters 1 month ago
  Gustavo Banegas a28d7b7e5b corrected the shake version for encaps and decaps 1 month ago
  Gustavo Banegas 4d3e48059d updated parameters for DAGS_1 1 month ago
  Gustavo Banegas 88ffb26aee removed Gustavo's TOdo 4 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas 3bd19d2952 merged pull request from Cothan 4 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas fb03b2bf55 added eclipse files to gitignore 4 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas 1eb121b2be Merge of Pullrequest #17 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas 96014bc587 added eclipse files to gitignore 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas e383296809 just added the "ret val" for key gen 5 months ago
  gustavo 563f92cf3c Merge branch 'keys_storage_cleanup' of dags/dags into master 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas 63189182de added keygen timing 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas 85e160b039 changed name of functions and added commentaries 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas aaf40b4eab Create method for store and recover SK and PK 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas 9c4be93d2a added store and recover for sk 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas 9c4f6fd3b8 added proper store secrete key. 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas ca28cd1590 temp size of the new "keys" 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas f710a3aab5 starting cleanup for storing keys. 5 months ago
  Gustavo Banegas 2f284f1fac remove debug from makefile 5 months ago
  gustavo 47d222f586 Merge branch 'breakdown_loop' of dags/dags into master 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen a00e31d446 cleanup mxm.c, support DAGS1. 5 months ago
  gustavo dd6d9a5e4a Merge branch 'breakdown_loop' of dags/dags into master 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen c872ea4527 improve speed significantly 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen b8d55682c7 TODO: stop inline gf_q_m_mult 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen 5cd17ba7dd nicer code for gf.h 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen f9a80f6037 modify gitignore local file 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen e18c3b54dd add more restrict in matrix multiply 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen 2b2451c911 local var for submatrix 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen 7d5f005697 optimize loop decap/encap matrix_operation 5 months ago
  Duc Nguyen b9e81cd2f4 change shake256 for DAG3 and DAG5 5 months ago