Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Duc Nguyen 4b8744eb82 remove unused variable 2 years ago
  Duc Nguyen 94de470802 change hash from K12 to FIPS202 2 years ago
  Rich H 129c14e26e First pass at encap and decap 2 years ago
  Rich H 93362eb5b7 Clean up decoding 2 years ago
  dbviet ece3975096 Fix DAGS_1 2 years ago
  Rich H cf883a1bb0 Provided a base level makefile that should work when downloaded from git. Additionally, changed param.h to allow DAGS_5 to function hopefully. 2 years ago
  Gustavo Banegas 7e2af08173 added new part of the code. 2 years ago
  Gustavo Banegas 1641e3f4cb added new code 2 years ago
  Ouz 19792801a6 test 3 years ago
  Gustavo Banegas 55a91363fa added new key 3 years ago
  Gustavo Banegas 45d785d474 initial commit 3 years ago